Ellen Singer

Ellen Singer

Fast facts

Full name:

Ellen Singer

Language pair(s):

Dutch, English or Spanish into English or Spanish, Spanish into Dutch

Services offered:

Translation, proofreading and editing


Technical, culinary and creative texts

CAT software:


Short Introduction

Welcome! If you are looking for a translator from English, Dutch or Spanish into one of these languages, you are in the right place! With twenty years of experience as a full-time translator I am still going strong. I learn something new every day which helps keep me interested and committed to every new project I take on. Should you send me your text(s) I will draw up a quote. If the text is not right for me I will suggest a colleague who is a better match to your text. Your text deserves the best possible translator!

My Specialisation

The translation of technical texts such as computer strings, manuals, construction projects, etc. but also culinary texts (I am a chef) and creative marketing and tourism texts are linguistic puzzles I love solving.

Contact Details

If you are interested in my translation services, then please feel free to contact me. Below you can find all my contact details. I look forward to hearing from you.


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