Ammerins Moss-de Boer

Ammerins Moss-de Boer

Fast facts

Full name:

Ammerins Moss-de Boer

Language pair(s):

English into Dutch / Dutch into English / Dutch into Frisian / Frisian into Dutch / German into Dutch

Services offered:

Translation, editing and copywriting; sworn translations (English and Dutch)


Legal, medical, arts and life sciences

Short Introduction

My name is Ammerins Moss-de Boer, and that name already says it all: Frisian born and bred and married to an Irish man. I can’t think of a nicer souvenir to bring home after living in Ireland and Northern-Ireland for a few years! After having worked in publishing for several years, I decided to make a living of something I had started doing in my spare time and specialise in legal translations.

My Specialisation

In 2008, I was sworn in as a legal translator, and that is when the hard work really started. Legal translation is a continuous learning curve, and especially with the Permanent Education requirements, I have to keep up to date with legal terminology and developments in both Dutch and international law.

In addition to legal translations, I also translate (para)medical texts, varying from books to medical reports (for second opinions abroad). Not a bad alternative for someone who was unlucky enough not to make it to medical school because of the numerus fixus system in the Netherlands!

Cooking and crafting are my other passions, and I have quite a few book translations on my name in those fields. It is great to see that people know how to find me if they have a book on, say, wool spinning or Dutch ganseys, or are looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of Middle-Eastern cuisine or cakepops.

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